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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thunder Wolves Highly Compressed 310 MB Resumable lInks KaOs Repack Free Download

Description : 

Thankfully, weapons are as aggressive as the game's attitude should imply. Each helicopter gets at least one machine gun and a few different types of rockets. Some are guided and very precise, while others are more like flaming clusters of explosive death and are as fun to use as that characterization implies. Most levels have plenty of enemies with a bevy of different vehicles and weapons to keep you on your toes. They approach from basically everywhere and can quickly reduce you to scrap. Helicopters, being neither fighter jet nor made of magic, aren't the most agile machines, so careful targeting and great aim are even more important than in most modern shooters. During a rare moment of calm just before we further obliterate the smoldering remains of a chemical weapons silo with a volley of homing missiles, my partner, the wise-cracking veteran Max, shares the following insight: “It’s not rocket science, kid. It’s just rockets.” He was, of course, referring to the task at hand, but he just as easily could have been describing Thunder Wolves as a whole. This souped-up, single-minded air combat game is good for one thing and one thing only: blowing up an ungodly amount of stuff.
As long as intense albeit mindless action is all you’re after, Thunder Wolves’ roughly four-hour campaign delivers with gusto. With infinite chaingun ammo (and no overheating), a regenerating missile supply,
Get in your helicopter, get ready, and go! The Thunder Wolves are the best helicopter pilots in the world, and they have already made it through countless battles.
generous health, and a high-five worthy nitro boost, mercenary Max and his partner Blister’s fleet of cartoonishly badass helicopters seems to have little interest in anything else. Like, you know, strategy, or graphics that are ever more than lackluster. Even the flight controls are remarkably forgiving in an arcadey sort of way, which is actually a relief since aerial combat so often feels distractingly awkward. Here I was able to simply abandon my brain and allow myself to become fully absorbed in the wanton mayhem.

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